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More Legal Cannabis Needed to Break Black Market: Province

The world is watching Canada as they move ever forward toward ironing out all the kinks they have encountered during this cannabis reform.

My question is though, if it is legal, and regulated, and taxed with no shortages, will it ever be more affordable than the black market? People have been accessing it through the black market for years and if it remains the cheapest alternative, I can’t see people giving up that basic resource. Granted, legal cannabis would probable be available in more forms than you an get on the black market now. I think it is interesting to see all of the new cannabis products that are popping up.

Or am I just not understanding exactly how all of this is going to work?

” ‘ Breaking the black market is a key aspect of legalization,” said Michael Legary, a senior project manager with Manitoba’s priorities and planning secretariat.
“You have to have a legal supply available to do that. And if we do not have legal supply, people will go to the previous channels they were using,” he said.”

Read the article here:
More legal cannabis needed to break black market: Province

What are your thoughts??????

Feature photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash



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